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from a creative mother


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User Number: 934397

Date Created:2003-03-06

Number of Posts: 33

My work is mother, teacher, and artist, and environmentalist. Hey, you don't always get paid for your work. Not very often, in my case. But I do work hard at it all!
Strengths: creative and full of ideas... maybe a bit child-like... flexible ... patient (though my sons call it stubborn)
Weaknesses: It's so hard to stay organized! I try and I try! Sometimes I feel that I'm drowning in papers! No more paper clutter, please!
Special Skills: storytelling and holding workshops
Weapons: my voice and my hands
Life Lessons I'm working on: I've got lots of life lessons I'm working on right now. Knowing my own value is a big one. Daring to be noticed is another. And not letting others take advantage of me. Whew! That's alot of work to do!


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